Climate Action


All together for our planet

In March 2020 we decided to set a bold goal, to be carbon neutral by the end of the year. We set this goal because we believe that the current climate and ecological crisis the biggest issue of our time. We wanted to set a precedent in our industry and in our locality and prove that we all can make a difference. We wanted to take responsibility for our actions and ensure that we are on the right side of history. We wanted to give back and protect the future of our planet. We did it and this is how.


We have put procedures in place to reduce our office energy usage and resource consumption; this means LED lights, 100% recycled paper, cycle to work initiatives and much more.

But reducing our carbon footprint does not go far enough.

We have therefore partnered with Mossy Earth to offset what we cannot remove ourselves. The main goal for Mossy Earth and ourselves is to restore wild ecosystems and help tackle the climate crisis by planting native trees. Reforestation remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation and is of particular importance to Rob who has spent a lifetime planting trees on his own land to re-wild his own little corner of the world.

Here is more of what they have to say

The Challenge of Our Lifetime

  • 7.56 million hectares of forest lost per year, which equates to 27 football fields each minute
  • 28,000 species facing imminent extinction
  • 400+ ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere 50ppm above the limit
  • 0.85°C of global temperature increase in the last 100 years

As a species we are at a crossroads. We can save our wildlife and biodiversity for future generations or let the planet slide into ecosystem collapse.

Tree planting and rewilding with Mossy Earth is a pathway to action, enabling you to fight back.

Mossy Earth Promise

  • We only plant native species of trees, no invasives nor monocultures. Our trees are planted in a wider rewilding context to ensure your trees stay wild in the long-term.
  • We commit to replacing any trees lost within the first 3 years.
  • We plant an additional 30% across all our projects to ensure we meet our impact as a group and as an insurance against any carbon calculation discrepancies.

A Summary of Our Projects

The Healing Clear Cuts Project in Romania aims to replant areas that have been illegally logged while also protecting existing old growth forests from further logging and poaching.

Our Restoring the Great Forest of Caledon Project in Scotland, aims to restore the native Caledonian pinewoods. The Wildfire Restoration project in the Douro Valley, Portugal seeks to reforest areas devastated by the 2017 wildfires that struck this beautiful region.

At out Foraois – Reversing Ireland’s History Project, we aim to restore native, healthy, resilient forests to the least forested country in Europe. Ireland, home to the Gael’s, meaning forest people, was once the most forested land in Europe. The Scottish Highlands is a refuge for British flora and fauna that have declined elsewhere across the country.

The Native Oak Woodland Restoration Project seeks to develop sustainable land management practices to deal with the dominant Portuguese Broom, the ravenous Portuguese summer wildfires and regenerate native oak woodlands.

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