For a number of years now we have been supporting Village by Village in Africa – a charity that as the name suggests, helps communities and villages in Africa by doing everything from digging wells, to building schools and clinics, to training teachers and empowering girls.

They have a clear mission – to reduce the needless suffering and deaths of children living in poverty in remote rural African villages. They hope that one day African children will not needlessly die or suffer from preventable diseases that we in the wealthier Northern Hemisphere no longer consider a threat to our children. We hope this too and surely everyone must hope that this can be a reality?

In 2008 Rob donated and hand delivered and Landrover Discovery to a community in Ghana supported by Village by Village, along with anything else he could scrape together, including pencils, bikes, clothes, and even a retina scanner for a eye clinic out there. He did this with his good friend Peter Taylor of PFC Cumbira, and was part of a whole convoy of generous souls delivering vehicles and supplies to small communities all over Ghana.

Rob has continued his support ever since that trip and vows to go back in his retirement. In the mean time it is his daughters that have become more hands on, with Molly, his eldest daughter, spending a few months volunteering in 2013, and Ellie, his youngest daughter, set to head out and get her hands dirty in June. Hence and therefore why this post is particularly relevant.

Village by Village is a charity doing incredibly valuable work and while we support a wide variety of charities both at home and abroad but this one is particularly close to our hearts. Please pop over to their page to see more, maybe give them a little donation….. maybe give them a big one…..maybe just be aware of their work and promote it where you can.  

We thank you in advance!