Get out of your seat

A recent report from the department for digital culture, media and sport, examined the impact that being inactive has on your health and wellbeing. The report reveals that workers can spend up to three quarters of their day sitting down, which contributes to a range of preventable health conditions including the two leading causes of workplace absence, namely back injuries and stress, depression or anxiety. In 2016/17, some 1.3 million workers suffered from work related ill-health, which equated to 25.7 million working days lost. This has been estimated to cost £522 per employee and up to £32 billion per year for UK businesses.


Moral of the story – encourage people to be more active and make your workplace more enjoyable and and your business will benefit from having a healthier, more productive workforce.

As fitness and health issues become increasingly more talked about, anything an employer can do to help is likely to be welcomed by employees.